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August 06 2017

Nie mogła uwierzyć, że utrata kogoś, kogo znało się tak krótko, może przypominać utratę części siebie, że może odebrać smak jedzeniu i przygasić kolory.
— Jojo Moyes ,,Razem będzie lepiej" (via naszemyslix)
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Helena Almeida, Photo: © L. Castro Caldas / P. Cintra, 1981, Saída Negra

August 05 2017

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August 02 2017

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July 29 2017

cool date idea:


kiss me in front of the ocean & then we’ll look for neat rocks

July 28 2017

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July 25 2017

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July 23 2017

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The Wall

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musicians from behind

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July 21 2017

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You can spend the rest of your life with me.

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Arno Rafael Minkkinen :: unknown title / via inneroptics

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I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

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Jan Sienkiewicz

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“Mark Hamill, for one, was amazed at the dedication Ford put into each and every line, stating, ‘He’d written things in the margins, saying the same thing basically, but his way. He had an amazing way of keeping the meaning but doing it in a really unique way for his character.’”

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